Luc Wittebol



I am always searching for the friction between science and thought, fiction and folklore, rationalism and belief, man and nature. Science has dedicated itself to establishing the truth. The idea is to eliminate as many factors as possible, in order to reach the essence. As opposed to human feeling, based on every factor imaginable. I imagine this being the cause of the before mentioned discrepancy.

The technical camera allows me to take all the time I need to create landscapes photos, since landscapes to me are the ultimate form of context. Influencing the way cultures develop throughout the ages.

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  • 2013 - 2017: Bachelor of Arts (BA) Photography at University of the Arts, Utrecht (HKU), the Netherlands
  • 2016: Internship Marie-José Jongerius, Amsterdam
  • 2015: Masterclass Max Pinckers, Foam Amsterdam
  • 2007 - 2013: VWO Science profile, St Michaël College, Zaandam, the Netherlands

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Based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands

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04/10/18 - 14/10/18

CAMERA JAPAN FESTIVAL exhibition "I Never Think About Wabi Sabi" // Kriterion, Amsterdam, NL

01/12/17 - 20/01/18

Solo exhibition "I Never Think About Wabi Sabi" // Peer In Gallery, The Hague, NL

30/06/17 - 30/09/17

Group exhibition "Oogst" // Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, The Hague, NL

29/06/17 - 02/07/17

Group exhibition "Cut the Mustard" (bachelor graduates) // University of the Arts, Utrecht (HKU), Utrecht, NL


Group exhibition // IKIZ gallery, Zaandam, NL

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